Saturday, August 28, 2010

The early morning Trick (part one)

Yesterday morning, I scheduled a bit of morning delight with a client. He confirmed for his appointment at 6:30 am and made his way to my incall. I set about my pre-client routine, febreezing the sofa furiously, lighting a few candles and putting fresh sheets on my bed. It was early, not to mention  my first ever morning call and so I decided to relax with a cup of tea until he arrived.
Mr E (thats what we'll call him for now) knocked at my door and I greeted him in high heels (black of course), all accentuated by my soft silk robe. He was a bit of an older gentleman and but he looked like a cherub. He had the pinkest cheeks and the biggest smile I had ever seen.
He place my rate on the tab and we talked for a bit. Suddenly Mr. E pulls out a box from his pocket. I freaked out silently. Paranoia raged rampant in my head, what was in the box ? Was it a police badge or was it a weapon. Was it a some kind of sex toy ? I cursed my screening skills, as uncertainty creeped in.

" I wanted to ask if it was okay if I smoked some of this medicinal herb."

I blinked. What ? He opened the box and pulled out elegant glass blown pipe and a sack of weed. Mr E, begin to explain, as a recovering cancer patient, he smoked to smoked to help him with pain relief. With a sigh I relaxed, this was something I understood. A few friends of mine are legalized to to smoke marijuana, so I came to the situation with an open heart.
He offered me some kindly, but I declined. I like to have my wits about me and pot makes my head muddled.
He smoked a bit, and we continued to talk. Then I led him to my room. He peeled my clothes off slowly and I stood before him naked. He laid down on the bed and I proceeded to give him a deep massage. I worked his back slowly with oil, from the tip of his shoulder blades to the back of his calves. He moaned than pulled me on top of him. My pussy hovered a good one inch away from his face and I shuddered with anticipation. He teased the outside of my tongue with his mouth and soon his face with covered with my juices. My legs clamped against his face like a vice as I ground my soft flesh into his face with a moan. He spread my ass cheeks and proceeded to use his tongue like a mini dick, bouncing me up and down. Every once and awhile his hand would hover on my clit and I would shiver as a warm heat spread over my body like fire.
I flipped over to began a 69, I noticed he was immaculately groomed, his cock perfectly erect. He tasted like soap, and semi sweet as I pushed his cock into the base of my throat.
He gurgled/moaned and I bobbed my head on his shaft slowly. I worked him into my mouth, taking special care of the head and using one hand to stroke his quivering shaft gently. He pushed down on my head and I paused to breathe slowly. Quickly I tickled his balls and slurped on his dick, ramming it and out of my mouth. He groaned and tried to push himself in farther. Luckily he was a bit below average, so I had no trouble keeping him in my mouth.
Sucking his dick was rather pleasant, it was smooth and well groomed and frankly almost girlish. It was rather small, but almost feminine in a way. The way Mr E. touched me reminded me of the few times I had gotten the chance to touch another woman. It was a very sensual experience, that I believed he needed. He held my hand as I rolled the condom unto his dick and slid myself into him.
I worked my ass up and down slowly.  I suppose I just enjoy a rather rough fuck, but Mr E wasnt interested in fucking, he wanted something intimate and romantic. I took my time to give him the experience he wanted.
Instantly I could tell he just wanted to have someone to be close to. Someone to hold and talk to. He took a rather long time to cum, and afterward left me the messiest pair of sheets I've ever encountered.

We took a rather long bath together and I got on my knees outside of the tub and washed him tenderly.
 As I toweled him off, he thanked me profusely and I helped him back into his clothes.

In all I didn't see it as an unusual Incall and Mr E asked to reschedule soon. But then it got weird . . . . .
He sent me a strangest email :

X? I had taken the MJ in full stride, and graciously let him smoke in my house. Now he was looking to roll or do MDMA (pure molly) in my house ? Instantly I was uncomfortable. I quickly emailed him back letting him now, I wasn't interested or comfortable with the idea. I decided that having a individual as a client wasn't something I saw as beneficial to me or my business and decided to blacklist him from my email list.

Do you think I did the right thing ? All in all I was terribly confused . . . . .
I knew that drugs were a part of the world of sex industry but I guess I never expected to come in contact with it so quickly I guessed.
Jeff the client whom I've had the best sex with so far, had made an appointment for later on in the day.
As I took a bath and relaxed. I wondered what that afternoon would hold.


  1. I'm not a prostitute but I think you did the right thing for yourself for protection. But if you want to give your blog some more spark you might try being more conversational with clients. I felt no empathy in this story for either you or the man which gave it a sad feeling.

  2. Well lunar, I had a great time with my client. But nothing rather interesting was talked about with the client at the time.