Saturday, September 18, 2010

Update : The Living the Mile High Life . . .

So Forgive me  . . . . .
I've been away for so long I deserve to be royally spanked. So let me let you in it whats been happening in the past few weeks. Major - major Transition. I'm looking for a new place and finally my shitty little clunker broke down, so now I commute/bike.
If you know anything about the sex work community, you know that craiglist recently pulled the adult section from its list. I had been advertising my business through that venue until that shutdown. I was able to keep in contact with a few customers, but eventually the river dried up.  So I tried something a bit different, I put another ad out craiglist for a sugar daddy.
Surprisingly I've been remarkably successful, currently I have two daddies.  I have a third daddy in my headlight and a sushi date with him coming up super soon.

With school, a new house/car hunt, and now sugar daddies on the horizon, this blog just took a very interesting turn.
I promise to keep you updated.


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