Sunday, August 15, 2010

Last Night, I had My first John ( part 2 )

I put an ad on Craiglist. I just did it. Finally it was out. My tiny little ad in the midst of hundreds. Now it was a game of chance. I was nervous, horribly nervous and I began to obsess over every little detail. But after a score of thought, I calmed down and started to think clearly. I refreshed my email and watched the messages pour in.
Slowly I began to filter out a few people, until it was a simply a trickle. Until finally I found him, honest, to the point and not willing to waste time. We switched numbers and planned out the details. Excitedly, I danced around my apartment, this was finally happening! Nervously, I started cleaning my house furiously. A girl doesnt want her first time with a John to be in a untidy apartment.
I wore something simple, a white nautical dress, simple pair of thigh high stockings, and heels.
I greeted him at the door and offered him a drink.

He:"You look even better than you do in your photos."
Me:"I'm flattered, i'm glad you were able to make it out tonight"

I took his hand and led him to the room. We sat down on my carefully prepared bed and he stroked my leg.
Slowly his hands ran over my tiny little dress. I smiled and he kissed me slowly. He took the time to pull my dress over my head, and once the dress was discarded neatly on the floor, let his gaze look me over. The simple black number I had put on had worked it effect.

He:"These are real nice"

I wasn't too sure if he was talking about my breasts or the red lace balconette they were trapped in. He pushed them together and stroked one nipple. I sighed with approval and leaned into his chest. I let my hand linger on his chest and then pulled his shirt off. I ran my fingers over his chest as he pulled me close to him. He let his hands wander down my stomach and across my knickers. I relaxed as he let his fingers massage me to a dizzying new level. His fingers ran to top of my clit and stroked it into a tantalizing fever. I could'nt tell what he was going to do next.  He stroked me, than slipped two fingers into my pussy. Rhythmically he fucked me cunt, until I felt a orgasm erupt deep from within my cunt. I gushed into his fingers and he held up to me for inspection. I smiled my post- orgasmic approval. I put a condom on him and he pushed into me. .
I tensed into it slowly, reveling in the sensation of the tip of his cock pushing into me slowly. Instantly I got wetter, I've enjoyed vaginal orgasms more that clitoral as of late. He started to fuck me slowly and moaned his approval of how tight my pussy was. I clenched my pussy muscles and moaned as he started to pound my ass. I lifted my legs around his back to push him in deeper, as he fucked me. Switching positions, he put me on the edge of the bed so that he could fuck me doggy.
I rubbed my clit as he pushed into me again, and started fucking my pussy hard. His cock slammed in and out of my hole and my eyes flew wide as he came hard.
Sweat beaded into his face as he collapsed from happy exhaustion into my pink bedsheets. I toweled him dry as he stood up slowly and began putting his clothes back on.
He handed me a white little envelop as I put on my red robe. "Worth every penny" he said with a smile. I grinned slowly as he said his goodbyes and showed himself out.

I collapsed on the couch with a happy grin. Then got up and did a dance of pure joy! I DID IT! 

Absolutely no regrets, and I fully intend do it again. One cant say that I will cum from a client every time but I look foward to my future.
Now it's time to hunt for an agency.

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