Saturday, September 18, 2010

Update : The Living the Mile High Life . . .

So Forgive me  . . . . .
I've been away for so long I deserve to be royally spanked. So let me let you in it whats been happening in the past few weeks. Major - major Transition. I'm looking for a new place and finally my shitty little clunker broke down, so now I commute/bike.
If you know anything about the sex work community, you know that craiglist recently pulled the adult section from its list. I had been advertising my business through that venue until that shutdown. I was able to keep in contact with a few customers, but eventually the river dried up.  So I tried something a bit different, I put another ad out craiglist for a sugar daddy.
Surprisingly I've been remarkably successful, currently I have two daddies.  I have a third daddy in my headlight and a sushi date with him coming up super soon.

With school, a new house/car hunt, and now sugar daddies on the horizon, this blog just took a very interesting turn.
I promise to keep you updated.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

The early morning Trick (part one)

Yesterday morning, I scheduled a bit of morning delight with a client. He confirmed for his appointment at 6:30 am and made his way to my incall. I set about my pre-client routine, febreezing the sofa furiously, lighting a few candles and putting fresh sheets on my bed. It was early, not to mention  my first ever morning call and so I decided to relax with a cup of tea until he arrived.
Mr E (thats what we'll call him for now) knocked at my door and I greeted him in high heels (black of course), all accentuated by my soft silk robe. He was a bit of an older gentleman and but he looked like a cherub. He had the pinkest cheeks and the biggest smile I had ever seen.
He place my rate on the tab and we talked for a bit. Suddenly Mr. E pulls out a box from his pocket. I freaked out silently. Paranoia raged rampant in my head, what was in the box ? Was it a police badge or was it a weapon. Was it a some kind of sex toy ? I cursed my screening skills, as uncertainty creeped in.

" I wanted to ask if it was okay if I smoked some of this medicinal herb."

I blinked. What ? He opened the box and pulled out elegant glass blown pipe and a sack of weed. Mr E, begin to explain, as a recovering cancer patient, he smoked to smoked to help him with pain relief. With a sigh I relaxed, this was something I understood. A few friends of mine are legalized to to smoke marijuana, so I came to the situation with an open heart.
He offered me some kindly, but I declined. I like to have my wits about me and pot makes my head muddled.
He smoked a bit, and we continued to talk. Then I led him to my room. He peeled my clothes off slowly and I stood before him naked. He laid down on the bed and I proceeded to give him a deep massage. I worked his back slowly with oil, from the tip of his shoulder blades to the back of his calves. He moaned than pulled me on top of him. My pussy hovered a good one inch away from his face and I shuddered with anticipation. He teased the outside of my tongue with his mouth and soon his face with covered with my juices. My legs clamped against his face like a vice as I ground my soft flesh into his face with a moan. He spread my ass cheeks and proceeded to use his tongue like a mini dick, bouncing me up and down. Every once and awhile his hand would hover on my clit and I would shiver as a warm heat spread over my body like fire.
I flipped over to began a 69, I noticed he was immaculately groomed, his cock perfectly erect. He tasted like soap, and semi sweet as I pushed his cock into the base of my throat.
He gurgled/moaned and I bobbed my head on his shaft slowly. I worked him into my mouth, taking special care of the head and using one hand to stroke his quivering shaft gently. He pushed down on my head and I paused to breathe slowly. Quickly I tickled his balls and slurped on his dick, ramming it and out of my mouth. He groaned and tried to push himself in farther. Luckily he was a bit below average, so I had no trouble keeping him in my mouth.
Sucking his dick was rather pleasant, it was smooth and well groomed and frankly almost girlish. It was rather small, but almost feminine in a way. The way Mr E. touched me reminded me of the few times I had gotten the chance to touch another woman. It was a very sensual experience, that I believed he needed. He held my hand as I rolled the condom unto his dick and slid myself into him.
I worked my ass up and down slowly.  I suppose I just enjoy a rather rough fuck, but Mr E wasnt interested in fucking, he wanted something intimate and romantic. I took my time to give him the experience he wanted.
Instantly I could tell he just wanted to have someone to be close to. Someone to hold and talk to. He took a rather long time to cum, and afterward left me the messiest pair of sheets I've ever encountered.

We took a rather long bath together and I got on my knees outside of the tub and washed him tenderly.
 As I toweled him off, he thanked me profusely and I helped him back into his clothes.

In all I didn't see it as an unusual Incall and Mr E asked to reschedule soon. But then it got weird . . . . .
He sent me a strangest email :

Friday, August 20, 2010

Two clients and an Incall.

4 o'clock Pm.
I'm practically glowing right now. My client Jeff, has left me in a catatonic state of orgasmic bliss. He may be the last one today, but I'm not entirely sure. Jeff was the 2nd client, my first had a more unusual request. He wanted a singularly voyeur experience. He wanted me to give him a show. He sat down on my sofa nervously and I offered him a drink. After getting him to relax, I explained some basic ettiquette and he settled in.
I choose the following song by peaches to be my dance kicker.

My Voyeur Dance Playlist :

1.) Peaches - I feel Cream
2.) Peaches - Serpentine
3.) Petey Pablo - Freak - a - Leek
4.) Pitbull ft. Lil Jon & Yin Yang Twins - Bojangles
5.) Punjabi MC- Snake Charmer
6.) R.I.O. - After the Love

My living room is spread about but a bit packed. Two couches and a one seater. I stood in the middle left of the room and moved my body. I was wearing something simple, (at the clients request) a pair of short shorts and a tank top, with tiny Ugg boots. I made searing eye contact with him as I ran my hands over my breasts and down my stomach, to my thighs. I made a long slow effort of teasing him with my  black lace balconette bra. The bra exposed a taunting tease of nipple and matched my lace thong. I peeled the tank top over my head and twirled it around. Slowly I stroked the inside of my panties. I watched him slowly, through lashed eyes as his hands moved rhythmically under his denim pants.
His hands moved slowly out of his pants and I cupped my breasts, and slowly licked each nipple. I watched his erect cock stiffen as he looked at me, and panted. I wiggled my butt at him and slid my shorts to the floor. I let him ogle my lingerie, rubbing my tits slowly and pulling my ass apart. I gyrated slowly and with my back to him, slid one bra strap down my shoulder. I licked my lips and turned my head slowly letting the other bra strap fall down. Slowly I unclasped the back of it and turned around, taking a little inspiration from burlesque. I pulled the bra away from my breasts and cupped them again. I covered my nipples, but let one slip to play a bit of peekaboo.

 I bent over the one seater and pulled my ass apart again. I smacked each ass cheek lightly, than ran one finger over the delicate lace thong that covered my pussy. I did it again and felt my self get wetter. He watched me as my hand tickled along the thong string. One hand slid under my thong and I touched my clit softly. I let out a soft moan as my body got warmer. My fingers ran over my clit as with my other hand I used it to push the thong down slowly. I began to fuck myself with my fingers as I watched him through heavy lidded eyes. He grabbed the napkins I had placed on the coffee table and came quietly.  I nodded my approval and reached my robe.  Slowly he thanked me, handed me my donation and left.

Furiously I looked at the time. It was close to 2 :00! I was running on schedule. I had a client to meet with in a an hour or so and I needed to get ready. However I needed to go to the grocery store and pick up a few things for the session, I was so excited I tweeted about it.

I febreezed furiously and put fresh sheets on the bed. After lighting a few candles, I proceeded to relax with a bit a slow music and wait until my next client arrived. He texted me to let me know he would be several minutes late do to traffic. I continued to get ready, swapped out my thong for a fresh pair of black lace boy panties and finished up the last touches of my make up.  Trading my simple shorts and tanktop for an elegant long silky elegant dress. It was a simple pattern and hugged my body in all the right curves.  He knocked at the door and he sat down. I began my little routine of offering him a drink and making small talk to ease his nerves. He introduced himself as Jeff and I as Milo. He was nervous and so I took my time to putt him at ease. He placed my rate out and I walked him to my room.

He removed his shirt and pants quickly. I was intrigued by this as he kissed me and I pulled my dress over my head. He commented on how perfect he thought my breasts were. He pushed them together and kissed me.He unbuckled my bra, and I put it on my nightstand. Slowly he slipped his hand into my panties and touched my clit. As he touched me there slowly and I let my self melt into his hand. I could feel the how wet I was and he pushed me on the bed. Slowly he licked each one of my nipples and kissed his way down my stomach. He tongued my clit and I nearly passed out. He was some kind of oral god! I trembled as his tongue danced furiously over my sensitive little nub and he brought me to a climax.
I guess It's not so terrible that I came twice before he fucked me ! ! ! I reached down as he pulled away and on the edge of the bed bought his cock into my mouth. Slowly I let his shaft slide down my mouth until he hit the base of my throat. I began pumping his cock with my mouth and tickling his balls. He groaned his approval of this method and I teased him a little bit longer.
I leaned back into the bed as he slipped a condom on his cock and entered me slowly. I gasped as he began to fuck me. We switched into many positions and his cock pistoned in and out of me. I moaned as I continued to melt, having several explosive orgasms. As he fucked me doggy, all the while gripping my ass furiously, he came in a massive roar.
I relaxed and squeezed my PC muscles, as he laid on top of me for a second. He thanked me furiously. And was interested in when I was available next. I explained my schedule and he arranged for another meeting.

Before leaving he suggested I turn my pictures into Playboy! Flattered, I thanked him and told him I would consider it. He handed me my rate, we hugged and he took off into the sun.
I blew out my candles. And sunk into my sofa to relax. Another fabulous client, another great orgasm!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Last Night, I had My first John ( part 2 )

I put an ad on Craiglist. I just did it. Finally it was out. My tiny little ad in the midst of hundreds. Now it was a game of chance. I was nervous, horribly nervous and I began to obsess over every little detail. But after a score of thought, I calmed down and started to think clearly. I refreshed my email and watched the messages pour in.
Slowly I began to filter out a few people, until it was a simply a trickle. Until finally I found him, honest, to the point and not willing to waste time. We switched numbers and planned out the details. Excitedly, I danced around my apartment, this was finally happening! Nervously, I started cleaning my house furiously. A girl doesnt want her first time with a John to be in a untidy apartment.
I wore something simple, a white nautical dress, simple pair of thigh high stockings, and heels.
I greeted him at the door and offered him a drink.

He:"You look even better than you do in your photos."
Me:"I'm flattered, i'm glad you were able to make it out tonight"

I took his hand and led him to the room. We sat down on my carefully prepared bed and he stroked my leg.
Slowly his hands ran over my tiny little dress. I smiled and he kissed me slowly. He took the time to pull my dress over my head, and once the dress was discarded neatly on the floor, let his gaze look me over. The simple black number I had put on had worked it effect.

He:"These are real nice"

I wasn't too sure if he was talking about my breasts or the red lace balconette they were trapped in. He pushed them together and stroked one nipple. I sighed with approval and leaned into his chest. I let my hand linger on his chest and then pulled his shirt off. I ran my fingers over his chest as he pulled me close to him. He let his hands wander down my stomach and across my knickers. I relaxed as he let his fingers massage me to a dizzying new level. His fingers ran to top of my clit and stroked it into a tantalizing fever. I could'nt tell what he was going to do next.  He stroked me, than slipped two fingers into my pussy. Rhythmically he fucked me cunt, until I felt a orgasm erupt deep from within my cunt. I gushed into his fingers and he held up to me for inspection. I smiled my post- orgasmic approval. I put a condom on him and he pushed into me. .
I tensed into it slowly, reveling in the sensation of the tip of his cock pushing into me slowly. Instantly I got wetter, I've enjoyed vaginal orgasms more that clitoral as of late. He started to fuck me slowly and moaned his approval of how tight my pussy was. I clenched my pussy muscles and moaned as he started to pound my ass. I lifted my legs around his back to push him in deeper, as he fucked me. Switching positions, he put me on the edge of the bed so that he could fuck me doggy.
I rubbed my clit as he pushed into me again, and started fucking my pussy hard. His cock slammed in and out of my hole and my eyes flew wide as he came hard.
Sweat beaded into his face as he collapsed from happy exhaustion into my pink bedsheets. I toweled him dry as he stood up slowly and began putting his clothes back on.
He handed me a white little envelop as I put on my red robe. "Worth every penny" he said with a smile. I grinned slowly as he said his goodbyes and showed himself out.

I collapsed on the couch with a happy grin. Then got up and did a dance of pure joy! I DID IT! 

Absolutely no regrets, and I fully intend do it again. One cant say that I will cum from a client every time but I look foward to my future.
Now it's time to hunt for an agency.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Last Night, I had My first John ( part I )

Denver is a lonely city, for the 20 yr old student. With no fake i.d. and my current i.d. lost within the confines of the abyss of my room, I haven't had the opportunity to get out much. Friends wandered in and out with of my life with the lazy consistency of Forrest Whittaker's left eye.
I think I was drawn in by the smell of money, with my good looks and toned body, I knew that I could make more than average here.
But I needed to know I could do this first. I've been an avid reader of Alexa Di Carlo, Tracy Quan and Belle de Jour. I could relate to these women, they seemed well read, and intelligent, and far from the victim. They showed an upside to the world of prostitution, a world free from the traps of obvious religious morals, and silly social conundrums.
They were like sexual beacons for me, I idolized them religiously.
Many a night I pondered the possibilities, could i do this ? Could I make the cross from the horny fan to the elite call girl sophisticate ?
This was given six months of pure thought, and in the meantime I consumed every piece of literature on prostitutes known to man. It was in sense, my  sexual re-awakening, I got familiar with Marquis de Sade, the erotic art of Touko Laaksonenand watched the movie Belle de jour, with the lovely Catherine Deneuve.

But it was the lovely Umrao Jaan, that showed me there was more of an art to this that meets the eye.

Watching Aishwarya Rai potray the famous Lucknow courtesan with such elegance, I realized it was so much more than the sexual act, but the feeling you inspire within your clients. There was a seduction and it was an incredible art.
My once foolish admiration, turned into awe, once I realized,  that there was a great deal of talent that went into this. The best courtesan's were created, with alot of hard work on their part. So I set out to be the best sex worker, I could possibly be.
Ambitious? Yes
Impossible ? No

But first I needed to know, that I could do this. That I could make the transition from from young girl to call girl.
So I put an Ad on Craiglist.