Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dry spell over I've gotten fucked.

Truth is I couldnt have helped myself. My pussy was wet and his fingers were in and out of me while my cunt just started pulsing. The moment he slipped his hand between my legs i felt my panties starting getting cushy. It was incredible, I could breathe a sigh of relief, because he knew what he was doing. I let go and just started cumming everywhere. In and out his fingers flew, and my cunt just started gushing. These wet sloppy sounds of him fucking my cunt with his fingers, pervaded the air and made me hornier. Oh god i loved the sound of him fucking me.
As I ground up slowly against his pants and we started to make this rhythm. That was more incredible than anything. The fact that our bodies could move like that was astounding to me. It was the contact but the denial that made it hotter. The fact that a thin pair of jeggings and his work pants were the only lines seperating us, made me, grind against him more slowly and with intensity.
I wanted him so badly. He kept kissing me and I was running my hands through his hair and over his neck. The kiss was sloppy but actually very good. It was hotter than I would normally percieve. His hands would stray down my back to my ass, where he cupped each ass cheek with one hand and began to rub my skin slowly.
I felt like a ball of molten lava was going to shoot out of my pussy.

I sucked his cock because I wanted to please him. With magical fingers like his I decided he was worth my treat. I sucked his cock slowly, to began the sensation. I wanted him sensitive feeling the tip of my mouth and my hot warm breath. More than anything I wanted to taste him, as my tongue slid up and down his shaft, his hands trailed down my ass and pulled my pants down. He played my pussy like a fucking trumpet. The moment i felt his finger stirring my clit and toying in and out of my hole, I began soaking myself. I started slobbering all over his dick and he came. I swallowed and smiled.

(* should i name this post slobber and smile now ? lol )

But seriously I needed to brag about that, I seriously needed it. Nothings worse than not having a good fuck in awhile. It puts you in a sexual rut.

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